Intercept is a middleware in the TYPO3 ecosystem that does coordination and communication jobs between various services used for core development and documentation management. This web interface allows interacting with intercept to show and trigger certain jobs.

You can login to Intercept with your account. This enables various interfaces to trigger intercept jobs. Members of the documentation team have additional access right to manage the documentation server deployments.

GitHub Pull-Requests

If a pull request is opened on the github main core repository at github/typo3/typo3.cms, intercept creates an issue from that pull request at, transfers the pull request to a gerrit review and closes the pull request with a remark that it has been transferred.

Subtree Splitting

If a TYPO3 core patch is merged in the review system, intercept executes the sub tree splitting of the main repository into the single core extensions repositories and pushes them to github.

Version Tagging

When a new TYPO3 core version is tagged an released in the main core repository, intercept creates the needed tags in the sub tree repositories.

Documentation Rendering


Intercept is the endpoint for the documentation hook, triggers documentation rendering in bamboo and deploys it to the documentation server. Members of the documentation team can manage redirects on the documentation server and deployed documentation.